By Mathioya Mathioya

Tales of Gitugo

Welcome to the unforgiving People of Gitugo and their experience in Loliondo.

To start with, have you ever heard about a story that, a long time ago, you had to travel to a far a way village in the neighboring country in East Africa and do a thorough research to find the end of a story that had no conclusion?

Something fishy about this tale is that, those who were lucky to hear about it and decide to share it with others, narrated it in whispers, they never told their friends in open fields.

This was due to a simple reason, yes; mark my word, a simple reason.

This is because, if you told someone about it, the whole village in Gitugo would burst into a throbbing and tantalizing headline thus making you their subject, for as long as you got hurt.

However, all you need to know about being hurt in Gitugo as the story unfolds is that, getting hurt in Gitugo is simply falling sick of meeting people. It’s that serious!

Consequently, you have to remain indoors waiting for dust to settle around, that is, the dust carrying your story and If you are forced to get out, it means you have to go hiding behind fences when you hear whispers of people on your way, until you leave Gitugo village where you cannot even see a single creature or structure to be safe.

Remember, fences in Gitugo have thorny bushes that pinch. Nobody likes to come close to a fence in Gitugo.

Moreover, the leaves in those bushes also make someone scratch their body due to the itching sensation when you get into contact with them.

With this illustration of how people hiding behind fences and getting sick, if you are pretty sure of a story about you going round in the abodes of unforgiving people of Gitugo’s lips, getting to your destination is next to impossible or alternatively you can choose walking at night.

What i am trying to demonstrate to you is that, you have never been in a situation where you have to hide away from people as you walk whenever you feel their steps or their voices.

And now, during electioneering period, I decided to go to Loliondo and find out the hulla balloo that was going round about the place some years back.

I needed to see the people who live there.

Have conversations with them and get what they felt by the fact that they knew all people who had contacted a strange disease in my village.

People who had developed unlike poles with other human beings due to the fact that they were thought to be ghost falling on Gitugo to flash the entire generation.

In addition to the medicinal cure, Loliondo had a capability to empower you slash out all your worries and make you live like a prince worrying not about tomorrow.

This is what made me decide to go to Loliondo no matter the fact that I would be subjected to stigma if residents of Gitugo learnt about my whereabouts.

One day, I set out for my journey to Loliondo to cast all my sorrows and needs there. On my way there, after walking for half the distance, I met this top politician from Gitugo.

In Gitugo, we have Politicians despite the fact that a senior chief is as great as that president that you know.

This politician was seeking intervention from Loliodo to castigate his political woes. I had heard the story about him in Gitugo that he seeks their intervention to confuse our voting capability.

I decided to burst him but opted out, to save him from humiliation since Election Day was looming.

Today as I was writing this story, I have decided to lay him bare in Gitugo news circulation.

I will start from the drinking dens that I know will make an excellent rumor mongering and do damage than ever. When he meets people in Gitugo in the next electioneering period, he will know how unforgiving they can be.


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