By Mathioya Mathioya

This is how ‘WASH WASH’ Cartels will Fleece you smartly  in Nairobi

Nairobi is a rocky field with gold mines, where people of all walks of life, from Khwesero to Kakamega from Turbo to Turkana and Mombasa to Machakos flow to make ends meet.

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All draw a day’s fortune from the same city where no one goes empty handed.

From that skimpy pickpocket to the casual laborer in a construction site, one in office to the sassy lady who works in a salon, a business man, a waiter who serves you on weekends while having the usual Kenyan slur, one for the road.

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These people converge with their families when dusk settles on earth with the small fortune made in this same city. It matters less whether it is made honestly or dis-honestly.

However, as the bustle greets all these people in their abodes, there is that one person who always dreams of reaping from your daily fortune.

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As a matter of fact, he is not a person, it’s a cartel. They squarely cheat you to be very busy people.

You live with them in the same estate, walk on stairs with them every evening as you lazily pay your way up the stairs from work.

Consequently, they dress smartly in suits; beware, lest you fall on their trap.

They have a brand, the authorities know them very well and if you dare reporting in case they land on you as a fertile ground in which they thrive, do not waste your time to report because it will not pay much.

Campus News:

These cartels go by the name ‘’Wash Wash’’. I am quite sure to many this word is familiar; however, despite the fact that you know the name, it is not an enough protection gear to trot you out of their trap.

How you fall on Their trap

This is how “WASH WASH” Cartels Fleece you smartly  in Nairobi.

There is this beautiful lady who will approach you, she is charming walks out of her house every morning dressed in a short trimmed skirt to make her looks good for your consumption and confuse you to allow her make he day out of your hustle, lucky is you if you do not fall to her trap and safe for your money if you do not skimpily tell her what you do to earn your living.

“Wash Wash” people being the common slur which is commonly used by all are the new and digital thieves who if you let yourself to fall into their trap, you should be sure to curse the day you landed in Nairobi.

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