Musa a young fellow from the coastal region has been forcing his wife to add weight and for uncountable times, they have fought over the issue .

Musa sees it as blackmail from his wife who does not look huge, heavy bumps and with highly visible hips, since her peers have them which makes them look gorgeous in their dresses owing to his opinion.

Musa adds that he has been ridiculed by his colleagues for having a slim and thread like wife.

Henceforth, check out the only reason why men in the coastal region find plus sized women sexy, with their highly visible hips and apparently, in bui bui’s, below.

It is a common trend to find plus size women who are proudly walking along the coastal streets of Mshomoroni, Kiunga, Bombolulu, Kilifi and the entire Mombasa county and a rare thing to find a slim size lady in the area .

This is what brought the rubber hitting the road and the question of why is it common in this region, prompting us to follow up the matter seeking answers from various respondents in the area.

Coastal men found it enjoyable to have a plus size woman in bed which aroused their sexual urge compared to having the slim girls.

It is a common trend to both young and old aged men with ripe age for marriage.

Consequently, in other areas, we found out that, Young men find it ideal to have the size eight figure of a woman when choosing their woman of choice ether for romance or even for marriage.

Older men who are ripe to settle gamble with the issue of the ideal weight that their women should have. However, the critics of being plus sized women say that when you get so heavy, you loose the tipped romance in bed which men highly largely discuss about in their regular talks, be it in a bar or a restaurant, especially alcoholics.

Nevertheless, Putting into consideration the viable advise from the Medics, being overweight or plus sized is a threat to ones life.

Those who are overweight are said to be prone to many diseases that can be dangerous to ones life. It is ideal to maintain an ideal weight to avoid issues.



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