This Gentleman; John Njogu wa Njoroge.

Radio is among the few dynamic platforms in journalism but few make it to the epitome. It absorbs all who put a little effort, those that embrace their spirited work and are always grateful to God for the talent, He has bestowed upon them.

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A point to note, every radio has a region of influence, listenership and that person behind every sector.

Hence, a fact to note is that God by His grace gives everyone a chance at some point in life and inspires you in your desired ambitions.

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Consequently, there is this charismatic and resilient gentleman, Mr. John Njogu, popularly known as Mheshimiwa Njogu wa Njoroge na Nyawira of Kameme FM, he is a real bet in this field of journalism and cannot be ignored easily in God given success stories relating to this field.

With no doubt, within the corridors of radio studios, he possesses that desired oratory communiqué of command, influence, loyalty, humor and wit on radio air-waves.

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He is a Man of the people; that’s his secret, that many will tell you about, nonetheless, the Karima Mutiume boy’s band where he pays allegiance to and more importantly, is its lead vocalist and the undisputed captain.

Bump over him on the street, in a mall, on traffic jam and he will wave back if you reservedly do.

Njogu, has established himself as a resourceful radio presenter that millions look up to every morning in the Arahuka morning breakfast show at Kameme FM with a high caliber of consistency.

On a daily basis, he speaks to the young and old, born-towns to that humble villager who lives on a handful of hope at the mercy of the incessant human spectra.

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He host’s the most resourceful individuals in the society on his show, tackles spirited topics and current affairs-not those that some of you fear to air out and would be happy to hear him talk about but that which matters to all human species, I mean what mattes to that politician, peasant, scholar, entrepreneur and that ambitious hardworking fellow on the street with a bachelor’s degree but jobless, to that humble business mother in korogocho all the way to a quarry worker in Mandera.

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In spite of the common limitations, Njogu, is now among the most listened to radio presenters in Kenya and particularly his central Kenya faction.

His morning breakfast show Arahuka where he is the captain is among the top most listened to programs in Kenya and also on the online platform.

Born in Nakuru county-Njoro, to Mr. Njoroge and Nyawira, and a golf enthusiast, Njogu wa Njoroge has been an household name ruling radio airwaves for the last 15 years on radio.

He schooled in Nakuru during his hey days as a budding young boy whom fate made him rub shoulders with the KANU bigwigs in early 1990s, the moment they saw something in him, which is a story for another day, that later took him through a worth telling breakthrough that partially sponsored him all the way to college.

Just to mention, it was courtesy of his influence over comical and cultured poems during national day celebrations of the regime that even made him meet President Moi personally.

Mark you! He was not born into a family of nobility, wealth, prestige or significant wealth.

However, with zeal he has walked over the educational ladder to obtain a bachelor degree from the reputable Daystar University.

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He did not come under the mentorship of a senior who-is-who patriot, however, his talent as an orator and a radio presenter seems to have been modest and groomed by the almighty God.

And now, by the grace of God, he is celebrating his fifteen years on the radio air waves industry, to thank God for the grace He has bestowed on him.

His story is inspirational looking up to the fact that, through the grace of God, the almighty God has empowered him in fighting his way, through His guidance in media, from the governments owned media house KBC, Mediamax Network Limited Owned Kameme FM radio, Inooro radio to producing TV programs in TVs alongside other media related pros.

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His story is long story, to hear his story and thank the almighty God together, join this one gentleman, Mr. John Njogu, rightfully, Mheshimiwa Njogu wa Njoroge na Nyawira the incoming month of June on date 12th  at Kasarani stadium for a thanksgiving dedicated to the almighty God.

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Njogu wa Njoroge thanksgiving
Njogu wa Njoroge thanksgiving




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