By Jane Njagi


Today being my birthday, I celebrate you mum.

The day is here. I dreaded it but I cannot avoid it. Why, it’s my birthday. It’s not exciting though.

My friends aren’t here to wish me a happy birthday reasons known only to them. Okay my so called boyfriend is so cold on me.

Actually he has not spoken to me in days, and for this birthday, I celebrate my mother who has stood with me all the way to this point, she has always remained to be a strong woman, especially for us, her children.

My big plans for this day previously failed. But my prayer is whatever it will be let it turn out well. I know you are wondering how it was for my other birthdays.

Okay, this is it on my 20th birthday I was dumped by my stupid ex-boyfriend. My 21st birthday my friends said that they were broke and in this birthday no one is talking to me and all other problems combined.

Now you know why I really dread this day. I’m still crossing my fingers I don’t really know how it will turn out to be.

This woman, that is my mother, carried me in her body for nine months. I shared her life, I made her uneasy, I arrogantly ignored her when she really needed me to help her.

We fight, I call her all sorts of names but she has never failed me. She is always there when I really need her. She has never turned me down when I need to speak to her.

She has never had a second thought in choosing me over anything else. She believes I am the most important thing in her life.

Now, She is growing older each day, but she counts it all joy to see me around. That is what true love means, true friendship, seeing beyond someone’s faults, forgetting what they have not done and embracing them when they really need you.

A great wise friend of mine told me that true love is not giving out your sweater to your friend because you don’t really need it but it is giving it out when you have no other.

Mama, your love is beyond comparison, beyond bargaining, it’s priceless not because it is too cheap but no money can buy it. Thank you for being my friend mama. Today being my birthday I celebrate you.


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