By Mathioya Mathioya

Top 3 Kenyan wanabe chaps who disappointed big,Give us a break this new year.

Let’s do a jittery recap of 2015. There were massive gains that were made generally.

However, it was not all straight. Some disappointments were recorded. I don’t mean one, lots of them.

Some people were a very embarrassing lot, companies too disappointed in deals. Above all, there were those who made it on top of our list, from politicians to comedians, musicians and sportsmen they all made 2015 what it was but equally, made some substantial embarrassment worth mentioning.

They failed in one way or another and for that matter; we would like to bring them to book here a safarionline.

Julius Njogu-the fake marathoner

He became instantly famous for the wrong reasons. He came top on world sports news in his attempt to reap where he did not saw during the 2015 Standard Chartered marathon.

The most surprising thing is how he was able to come up with this whole plan. We understand life is hard out there, but Njogu, you didn’t have to go to that extent.

How on earth could you allow others to sweat all the way to the last lap in your watch, maybe somewhere behind the camera and there after sneak to the finishing line.

Anyway, here, you disappointed big. You could have tried something more serious like doing a carjacking and face a police bullet ultimately.

The problem we have with you is that you well knew the whole world was watching and went ahead to fake to the last lap. However, you are the top disappointment ever.

Moses Kuria-wanabe politician

We understand politics is a dirty game, yes it is. But to us the people who are always on the receiving end, in 2015, whenever you opened up your mouth, you spoke wind.

Moses, why did you have to wait up to 2015 to open up on the Hague issue?I mean before Ocampo opened that letter, you could have told him in camera about the fixing you talked of while the whole world was watching and add that the whole flattery he chest thumped about Hague cases before his exit was only a prank.

I mean you could told him the cases were wholly cooked by some guys somewhere at the top of the pyramid. This year stop gimmicks and do what partains you in the August house.

Mugo wa Wairimu-The quack Doctor

This man, the quack doctor Mugo wa Wairimu was able to masquerade as a doctor for years without any public or professional know-how.

He claimed to be a medical practitioner and maybe even a registered one. Mugo, health is a critical thing in human life.

How can you treat patients without a professional skill and not fear causing fatalities.

Chaps, try something different like being a fake witch-doctor, you can atlist get people be scared of you and equaly not be in a brink of causing fatalities. Additionally, you can make yourself a fake Kanjo, or a CID officer. On top of all this crp you did last year, you disappointed big.



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