By Liza Njagi

Top 5 things Super Rich Kenyans wish they could have done.

I know you are sited somewhere wondering what to do next after you tried everything that didn’t work out.

Now the things you are doing now maybe the only avenue to your success. The decision you ought to make now is the right one towards your breakthrough.

The most interesting thing is that, what you think is not important right now is what successful people out their regret they didn’t make up for.

1. Figure out what you want

Joshua Oigara, the current CEO for KCB group of companies asserts that before he got where he is now, it has taken 18 years.

The only weapon he had at hand is that he knew what he wanted. He started off as a teacher earning Ksh.5000.

And now, before you hire him for services, talk of millions.

2. Interact with those in the bottom of income hierarchy

The ultimate classical lesson in life that many people in the higher level of life hierarchy lack is an experience of hard life, many ignored those in lower levels of the life hierarchy.

Most of them never took some of these people serious when it was necessary.

Now they cannot approach these people in life despite the fact that they need them to achieve their dreams.

Some it’s for political reasons where they need these people to ascend to those political comfort zones.

You see, you have that good reason to make use of those people that are around you.

3. Make use of that dream

Some people who have made it in Kenya have always regretted of the damn mistakes they made in their early days when they could dream.

Some didn’t make use of that idea that rocked their mind at age 23 while in college. Many confess, they are in fact paying for it expensively.

4. Choose what to prioritize

The mistake many rich people in Kenya made and regret on is that some had their priorities up-side down.

Some the moment they made the first shilling, they married. This slowed down their success rate since they started spending other than investing more in life.

I mean some ended up with women who had no clue of what they dreamt of in life, the result is the regrets they have now.

5. Take the less preferred route

John Ndung’u a financial life coach argues that money and job prestige should not guide you in making decisions.

I mean in the event one puts money at the forefront and forgets he or she needs to grow in life, they end up messing everything.

Consequently, careers that many choose are not the most lucrative; they rarely give you an opportunity to grow due to the competition around and available options that exist.

6. Give attention to important things in life

Choose to go for a meeting other than meeting that friend of yours for a date.

Some successful people argue they are grateful for where they are now, however, some distractions they paid attention delayed their dreams, you now know.

Discipline will propel you to higher heights than you can imagine. When you get where you want, they will schedule time for you, not you looking up for them.




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