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Android operating system is one of the best mobile operating systems to date. Around the world, there are millions of android users. One problem that faces a big percentage of them is the hanging of their smartphones. If you have experienced this you can now smile these the Top 5 ways to stop your Android phones from Hanging.


1. Increase your phones free memory.

it is possible to free the internal memory by using a memory card the better.If the phone does not have a memory card slot delete the unwanted data in the internal memory and this will help reduce hanging. Moving applications to the memory card when you have many apps can also reduce this .You can set the memory card as the default write disk. To do this go to settings then Storage and select the SD card as the default write disk.


2. Clear Cache from your phone

Most websites nowadays use cache to increase the speed of the website. Upon visiting most sites the phone stores cookies and cache. This data increases memory use and reduces the space left for files and applications. To help clear this developers have come up with applications such as DU speed booster and Clean Master to help clear this and prevent the phone from hanging while increasing its speed.



3. Invest in an antivirus program

Thirdly, a virus could be the cause. To prevent the phone from this, don’t insert your phone to any device. You can also invest in an antivirus program and frequently scan the phone. Avoid downloading apps and files from unsecured websites as they may contain viruses which can lead to loss of data and slowing down the phone.

While purchasing a phone apart from checking on the Camera and the Battery capacity, consider the RAM and the processor speed too. Its recommended to have a RAM of more than 1GB.


4.Updating your phones applications

Updating your phones applications may reduce hanging .Mobile application developers frequently fix bugs in their apps or improve the app so that it uses minimum memory resources and to perform better on the phone.

Apart from waiting to get regular updates from manufacturers, check for software updates regularly by going to settings then about then software updates.


5. Closing running apps

Running apps that may not be in use currently by going to settings then apps then running and close one by one the running apps. This frees the processor by reducing the amount of RAM in use.

Restarting the phone apart from hanging also solves other problems facing android smartphone. Its advised every 2-3 days you restart your smartphone.


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