By Mathenge Abednego

Top 5 Health risks you take when you ignore Taking a walk that could help you lose weight.

I am pretty sure some of you only know how jogging and making road-work helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

However, some of you have no idea that walking can also be more effective than all the later in helping you slim and consequently lose weight, hence, ignoring it can be the biggest risk you will ever make. Try it a little bit by making it an habit and you will definitely see the awesome results.

Apparently, if you want that walking to work for you, start by asking this question; by walking, whats the goal that i would like to achieve?

you would like to slim? relax, by walking efficiently, there are several ways it can help work for you in achieving that goal.

1. It can scare off cravings

Walking for some distance towards your office makes your body gain some momentum.

There is that energy one gains that makes your body feel ok. This absolutely reduces the urge that your body gets into when sometimes you get to your place of work.

Walking helps one get that extra energy required to propel one’s body without eating too much crappy junk foods. This means you cannot ignore it in your daily life, you do it you will lose that pretty healthy life you are enjoying now.

2. Enables you sleep better

Many people do not realize that not getting enough sleep is an ultimate recipe for adding an extra calorie in your weight. Probably you also ignored walking somewhere.

However, when you do enough walking, you make your body get that urge to sleep, which is a very important.

Research shows that people who sleep less are more likely to be obese while those who take in enough sleep of a tune of 7 hours live healthily and are not prone to obesity.

This gives you enough reason to walk that extra mile always.

3. Takes you mind in the right state

You will never realize the good you are making to your health when taking that walk. It builds up your body and the will power of your mind.

With enough walking, you will get that motivation to take enough food in during mealtime.

It is more likely you will not face that feeling of requiring more calorie beef up to eat when you take up that walking as compared to when you make that sweaty roadwork and all that comes out with it.

4. It prevents you from regular eating

When you take a walk, trust me, you will less likely find yourself eating too much in between meals space up time.

For example, many people end up eating so much before they take their super immediately after lunch.

They rush to take up some biscuits, chocolate or even that piece of a candy. When you walk, your body takes an important note, don’t take in more daddy.

This brings up a reason why you need taking up that walk.

5. Reduces stress

You ignore walking, you have high chances of getting stress. People who stroll their way for lunch find it very comfortable when in their daily work compared to those who take a cub or a taxi to their eatery joint.

These people will get less urge to eat that cookie due to the stability their body gets in after that simple walk.







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