By David Mwitari

Top Cities in Kenya to put up your investment; economic survey 2015.

This is what you will find in Cities that contributed into Kenya being voted a top world destination in terms of investment opportunities.

It has been a travel destination of choice for a long period of time receiving various accolades for close to a decade now.

Additionally, Kenya has beautiful cities that many people pass over just as a by the way while on holiday moods, however, the investment returns that can come out of these beautiful cities are immense.

This is the investment opportunity you will look up to and definately find in that city near you that you have to explore this Christmas, apart from having fun.

1. Kisumu

Kisumu city which was popularly known as Port Florence in early 1900 is among the cities with lucrative investment opportunities and consequently, among the most beautiful cities to visit in East Africa.

This city is projected to be among the most important commercial centers along Lake Victoria, being rivaled by Kampala city.

In Kisumu, you can invest in real estate, land, hospitality and also make a kill out of the freshest Tilapia fish that come from this area.

Just to pick but a few, the hospitality industry is growing rapidly in the region due to the new county government initiatives.

Investors are trooping back to build the city that was neglected previously due to uncertainty that throngs the region in any electioneering period.

What I can assure you is that the population around that region can support any enterprise you decide to set up.

2. Mombasa

Many people imagine that investors took over all the investment opportunities in Mombasa since the pre-colonial period.

Consequently, many entrepreneurs do not always find any reason why they should bid their money in this city.

However, recent economic survey that was released indicates that Mombasa is at its toddler period stage with a million investment opportunities.

Land is however, an exaggerated problem that is neither here nor there. Those who acquired land genuinely are enjoying their rights like any other investor.

Tourism industry is at it early growth period, construction of prime areas in Mombasa is at its ripe time than ever, these are some of the opportunities that one can take and thrive.

3. Gilgil

This town is presumably the most secure area to set up any business.

Charles, a sales representative with Airtel Kenya says, ten years ago when he was investing in land around the area, many people used to shy away from the area due to the fact that its miles away from Nairobi.

However, recently, everyone is flocking to the area to get a share out of the booming investments that are potentially paying off in the area.

One can invest in land and real estate in the area.

4. Nanyuki

This is popularly known as ‘Mwisho wa Lami’. This magnificent town is home to the popular Ol Pejeta conservancy.

It houses the British infantry, Mount Kenya Safari club and many other lucrative investment partners.

In Nanyuki, setting up a high range retail business, automobile business, any service sector investment and hospitality business will never disappoint.

Land is averagely an expensive affair despite the fact that one can try some hand in it.

5. Eldoret

In Eldoret, one can invest in Agri-business. However, land is a community affair in this region. This means, it is taken seriously by any community member. Investing in the education sector and service business can be a good idea.

6. Meru

Meru is located in the upper-Eastern region. It has a varied climatic weather experiences.

The people around this region are too reserved; however, they are not allergic to growth opportunities that investors can offer.

Additionally, the region does not deter investors from pitching camp in the area. Miraa business is not the core issue in the region as many people out there assume.

There are other areas that can make you make a kill. You can invest in transport, education, and contractual businesses and also try a hand in up-market cereal businesses.

Real estate is also on the rise due to housing demands that are popping up. Take that chance and build apartments as an investment kill.

7. Machakos

Investors are rapidly taking over Machakos, as they shy away from Nairobi’s inflexed investment opportunities.

In Masaku, Hospitality industry is an option, real estate and education industry can be areas one can put his or her money in.

However, take up the challenge and get over that investment opportunity.

8. Nyeri

Agri-business can be the most appropriate investment risk to take up in this town.

The most interesting thing about Nyeri is that the only people with businesses in the area are the locals.

This is projected to be a rare chance that one can get. As an investor, you will be more welcome than any other place in Kenya.

9. Lodwar

This town is around the arid areas of Turkana County. Oil discovery in Ngamia one places the town in a strategic place with high projections of growth. There are a million opportunities that one can think of when this town comes up





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