Top CORD Bloggers over the recent months have ganged up against the jubilee government. However, a few of us now have little glimpse of what has been going on.

Safarionline insiders now can reveal the top CORD bloggers leading the 36 bloggers Hoax Onslaught against Uhuruto, with stern orders from opposition leaders.

Safarionline has been investigating the story over the last three months with a number of follow up calls which have been making up successive interviews that led to this revelation.

Unreliable sources report that, the government opposition laid up a series of strategies to completely topple the Jubilee administration.

The alleged CORD meetings are said to have taken place in various locations after they realized the jubilee administration was gaining massive support from un-expected quarters.

The Nyanza region which is thought to be a CORD stronghold had early this year started warming up in the support of the government.

The opposition led by its indisputable captain Raila Odinga had started facing rebellion from some of its youthfull leaders earlier on.

The Most vocal was Kisumu central Member of Parliament Ken Obura; who led the KALAUSI movement.

He was making a series of onslaught against the CORD old leadership.

Nairobi governor Evans Kidero was making in-roads in South Nyanza attending Harambees and flashing out money which was thought to be from the Jubilee brigade’s meant to weaken CORD leadership.

He held a series of political rallies with Jubilee leaders in the region, from the president to his Deputy William Ruto. Migori governor Okoth Obado had also joined the CORD dissidents.

At one time, he was utterly embarrassed on the podium as he rose to invite the president who was on a developmental tour of the region.

Growing decency, rebellion from its youthful leaders who were discrediting the Odinga dynasty and instant rise in rating of the Jubilee government is what made CORD brigade to re-strategize.

They had to start both online and public ranting onslaught against the Jubilee administration.

Early this year, the 36 bloggers were tasked with this role, to do constant propaganda against Jubilee top leadership.

The bloggers were led by Robert Alai’s radical sentiments on his social media platform.

Top political bloggers with likes of Moi University’s online gem Dikembe Disembe were on this list which brought together political blogs such as the Kenya Today amongst others to do a thorough smear campaign.

They were tasked to focus on corruption, sinking economy, rising poverty levels and tribal innuendo’s that as a matter of fact have remained to be a fertile growing for politicians to capitalize on.



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