By David Mwitari

Top Emerging posh Nairobi suburbs for the middle class.

As the Kenyan economy expands eventually becoming a middle class economy, people are living large in their abodes.

At the same time, they are expanding their territories and choosing places that are befitting their status to live in. In relation to this, Nairobi is gradually expanding to allow more inhabitants in it.

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Those suburbs that used to be high end areas years back are now turning out to be on the old school list, I mean shanties.

The emerging group of the middle class is shunning these areas that were in some years back thought to be the most classic in Nairobi.

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Now, as 2016 sets in, these are the areas befitting your status going by the latest release of an economic survey relating to real estate developments.

1. Mirema Drive

This area used to be a deserted place some five years ago. It is located in Kasarani constituency. It is sandwiched by the Nairobi’s Thika road and the northern bypass.

Nairobi Suburbs
Nairobi Suburbs

This makes it the most convenient place to live in due to the infrastructural development that is popping up in the area.

One amazing thing about it, is that it is only five minutes drive to the Nairobi’s populous Thika Road Mall (TRM). There are top ranking colleges of the likes of USIU.

Nairobi Suburbs
Nairobi Suburbs

Mirema drive has a number of private primary schools and also one public primary school. Hospitality business is also a booming consolation in the area since the Safari Park Hotel is situated here.


This is a perfect place for the middle class to live in currently. Thindigua is turning out to be a high end area in that, the real estate development survey found out that many top government officials, expatriates and diplomats have moved in to live in the area.


The living space in the area is also becoming scarce as days pass by with a hiking property cost in rates.

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For a one bedroom, one can pay in a range of Ksh. 25,000 to 30,000 thousand depending on the facilities coming up with the package.

3. Ridgeways

This area took off some few years back when people started moving in to Kiambu on realizing the state of ambience that was settling in the area.


It is a walking distance to the populous Runda estate and a five minute drive to Muthaiga.

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There are a number of shopping malls and social amenities that sandwich the place thus setting the area to be among the most preferred residential area for the emerging middle class in Kenya.

4. Loresho

This estate is located in the busy waiyaki way. Those who are lucky to be living in this area can enjoy the best shopping experiences, bearing in mind that almost all top multi-national shopping franchise areas are located here.


Despite the fact that it is close to Kangemi which is a humble suburb, it so secure in relation to the traditional high end areas.

5. Fedha Estate

Fedha Estate is located along Jogoo road. Pundits in real estate had years back projected relatively how the area would pick up and become a a place of choice to live in Nairobi county.

Fedha Estate
Fedha Estate

Many shunned the area due to its proximity with the dark tainted Eastland’s. Those who stuck to the area and settled there and additionally buying properties in the area, they are currently reaping the fruits of patience.

Security has improved in the area as many middle class people settle in, hence creating a safe haven for themselves where they can share there destiny comfortably.

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