By Liza Njagi

Journalism is a challenging career path to start with. Making an appearance in class and completing a course in college is not a big deal.

The problem comes when trying to get a place in those busy news rooms that many dream of getting into and have a felling on.

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Media industry has become so competitive that corruption has rocked the media houses in , It’s not about talent naturing but whom you know in the Top Media Houses in Kenya and Africa at large.

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This has rendered some media houses incompetent and only playing a second fiddle in relation to others that make talent naturing and growth a priority. These are the indisputable top media houses in Kenya.


For one to look for good and authenticated news in East and central Africa, do not look very far from your switch. Citizen and the other sister radio stations in the royal media services blanket have a convincing and well researched story to tell.

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They have high caliber of news reporters, anchors and their editorial team is an excellent one that feels the East African airwaves on daily basis.

Many would ask what is the secret behind their success, media paudits and experts would assert that they know how to tap talents when necessary.

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They groom these talents to be people of international outlook. Without mentioning those behind the Royal media Services success, one would give it up for them since they are actual indispensable on this field.

Their dominance is also exemplified in the way Kenyan private companies have trust in them in the view of the advertisement that feature on their screens showing how their employees enjoy good remunerations since there is money to pay back their hard work.

Royal media services control the vernacular airwaves that have a root in the Kenyan radio industry.

2.Nation Media Group

This media house is largely owned by the Agha-khan conglomerate. It enjoys a wide range of support from the Kenyan public due to its non-partisan formal of presenting news.

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Their print circulation of the Daily Nation newspaper and other affiliate magazines in their print section are the leading papers in Kenya and their entry into Uganda has also changed the in-house reporting and news presentation in Uganda since the Daily Monitor and NTV Uganda have taken over the media market in that country.


As the name of this giant media house suggest, it offers standard news in the industry controlling a large share in the digital section which is the leading digital news sector in Kenya since according to revenue generation through the online platform, the standard group enjoys the largest share.

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Standard media Group recently launched a 24hour news channel being the first of its kind in the Sub-Saharan Africa. This show the financial masculinity to support such kind of program which has only been found to be a success in western media houses of the likes of CNN,BBC, France 24 and German DW.


Radio Africa Group has found itself controlling a big share in radio market in the emerging Kenyan middle class through its authoritative classic 105 radio headed by the sassy presenter Maina Kageni. Their sports presenter through radio Jambo are in no doubt the best featuring the likes of queen of Kenyan sports journalism Carol Radul.

5.Mediamax Network limited

Mediamax Network Limited has become one of the fast growing local media outlet. This is after a robust management overhaul that has brought together a top brand of media managers which led to it releasing the first free newspaper,the People Daily that has given the traditional circulations a run for their money.

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Mediamax acquired Kameme a top Kikuyu radio station, Meru FM and the high flying Milele FM together with K24. Looking for a company to work for in Kenya, get yourself a booking with your CV at Mediamax.

Others Kenyan media industry is however flooded with other emerging newsrooms that also try to control the highly lucrative industry. From bloggers to mainstream media, news is sells expensively in Kenya with growing advertising revenue playing the major effect.

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