By Mathioya Mathioya

Top paying work-from home jobs in Kenya.

As many people yearn for white collar jobs in Kenya, the more these opportunities are becoming rare.

This is mainly due to the growing number of professionals being channeled into the market with a low demand.

Freelancing is taking shape in the Kenyan economy. Opting to work from your home office is proving to be more profitable than working somewhere in an office.

However, it is not all sectors of economy that are supporting this norm. Here are a few jobs that have stood out to be highly rewarding if you chose to operate in the comfort of your home.

1. Supervisory Legal Counsel

Going to a law school is probably the toughest decision a Kenyan young brainy child would make. Studying law takes almost a decade before one can professionally think to practice it.

Ask the few senior legal counsels we are proud of in Kenya, name them, Ahmed Nassir, senior counsel Oraro, James Aggrey Orengo, Fred Ngatia and many others.

Those who chose to operate on freelancing manner, end up making more than those who get employed by the government as prosecutors or wherever.

You can fix meetings with your clients at home via emails or calls and make heavy deals trust me. The legal advise you offer at home will handsomely pay you and live on top of everything.

2. Online-Medical practitioners

Kenyan medical practitioners have been getting frustrations from their employers over a long time. Nature has practically taught them to think of saying enough is enough?

They are raking millions by writing professional papers and editing in relation to field of their specialization.

They make submissions to their seniors in the higher education sectors to keep their projects on check. What are you waiting? It’s your time.

3. Quality Assurance officers

In Kenyan industrial and digital world, one can rake millions by receiving people’s works, checking on them and giving a professional view while sited at home.

You only need connections and it will be done in a period of time the moment they start trusting you over.

4. Financial Auditors

This is the other sector in the Kenyan economy that immensely brings returns when it comes going the freelance way.

You can do auditing of small companies financial accounts with ease while still at home and make that difference.

5. Software development

The IT practitioners are making it big in the digital Kenya.

These people are signing checks worth millions of money by only working on software packages that are making revolutionary changes in the market.

They only have to identify the loopholes that are minting millions out of companies and make presentation to the companies.

With only that, they are directly becoming stake-holders in those industries.

6. Research Assistants

Create a rapport with your lecturers while in college. When you grow your profession in the industry, approach them.

You will not be disappointed by their responses when they offer you those life changing opportunities of becoming their research assistants.

For such kind of jobs, you will only need a free working space, your home, in a library or even in your car. Just deliver on projects and you will get awesome returns.



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