By Liza Ngugi


These are the top qualities to turn on your boss in office for an instant promotion.

1. Figure out that Big Dream First
Most are times while in your office, you encounter volume of problems that you could never have imagined about.

It doesn’t matter whether you did not expect them the moment you joined the organization.

This for you to take it, it works, never lose that big picture had before you joined the organization. If you have a solution to the problem, solve it.

2. Keep your Ball on Roll
Making it to work early and turning up for scheduled meetings is an absolute shot that will show your boss how serious you are when it comes to what you are doing.

Keep reminding yourself of that simple requirement of why you need to be on the ball.

Plan adequately on your set goals, projects in progress and individual growth.
Produce Results

Giving your manager desired results gives you an ultimate upper hand on everything in the organization you serve in.

Never let yourself be carried away by undesirable insights. Show that you are worth that opportunity and you are valuable.

3. Make Genuine Appearances
Do not be overwhelmed by your work and fail to turn up for social events that make who you are because of the mountain of work you are engaged in.

Show that you care about others by having a relaxed timetable, your boss will rarely realize you sneaked out for chat with friends.

4. Be Valuable

I mean it matters less whether you are qualified to do the job you got yourself in.

The fact that the boss took value in you and gave the opportunity, use the relevant experience to show your worth it.

The little education you have or the bulky amount of certificates you have can be put to work.

5. Communicate
If not happy about anything going round in the office, speak it up. This can be in relation to your manager, teammates a project you are undertaking or the clients that your organization deals with.

If the matter requires the attention of your manager or the human resources office, communicate about it.
6. Offer Solution
If you are undertaking a certain project and there is an emerging problem on the way to it completion, help solve it.

If you have no idea of how to solve it, call on someone who can solve it.

7. Maintain Honesty
Living a lie turns out to be of no good to one’s career. In contrary, it messes up with one’s life.

Learn to be honest always in your endeavors and you will find your way up to the top.

8. Make Follow ups
If you said you would do something or were assigned to do something, do it. It’s quite simple.

9. Be Innovative
Creativity is the reason why you will keep your job. Be on a innovative mood always and you will always be an asset to your organization.

10. Be gratuitous
Show gratitude to everybody. This will show you appreciate others through simple and humble ways.

11. Consistency
Productivity is not measured by volumes of work completed but by the simple norms of being consistent with what you do.

This helps in making you professional at all times. Apparently, consistency will keep you up on run in your work. Your standards will absolutely be high always.



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