By Liza Njagi


These are the Top ways to cheat on your husband and not be caught

Women have always baffled around looking out for ways that they can cheat smartly and not be caught by their husbands. Eliza who has been caught twice by the husband romping at least three men in a row last month, she was surprised how the husband discovered his tricks.

She reported to our office during the interview in a very frustrated mood due to the fact that her marriage was in rocks.

She was looking for answers and this led to our in-depth research that has taken close to three months to come up with the most preferable ways that a woman can use to cheat on her man.

We sampled three hundred men in a row trying to smartly get a clue and present this to you.


          1. Quit your Job and be a housewife

Trust me housewives have the best opportunity and chances to cheat on their spouses. It is very easy to navigate in her cheating activities since it is believed she has the whole time with her. Many men whom we sampled reported that it’s very easy for their wives to cheat on them especially their houses have a CCTV surveillance. This can make it easy for her to sense the movement of her husband if he appears promptly

          2. ‘Mkalie Chapo’

This slur is common in marriages that work. People believe marriages don’t work these days.

If a man seems to be always in agreement with his wife, friends will always conclude it cannot be out of woods. There must be something sinister about.

This is highly encouraging couples to route for this alternative; hence you want your husband to overlook your cheater character, ‘Mkalie Chapo’.


         3.Register For Evening Classes

If you need to smartly cheat, get back to class. This is because, when your man realizes you are interested in upgrading your educational standards, he would not mind you staying late in an evening class till the following day. Trust me, if you register for an exam; make sure that your CATs have a timetable that does not have a clear timeline in that you can have them scheduled for any hour of the day.


4. Be friendly to his clades

If you are a friendly to your husband’s clades, you can always bank on them whenever you want to get information about his whereabouts.

Have their number around with you and you will spot on his easy movement.

The good thing is that if your husband has money to splash on women and his clades, they will always feed you with information about his every, move anytime, anywhere you need it.


         5.Date His Best Friend

Girl, your husband will never suspect his best friend.

I mean this is the person whom they always have a drink together at a local pub, grew up in the same neighborhood or even went to an extent of schooling together.

You go this direction, you will never get caught.


        6. Fake an Impromptu visit to your brother’s house

Mark you; this is one of the top methods that the men we sampled approved.

A brother will caution her sisters’ behavior to the letter.

All you need to do is ensure you have notified him in advance before you get going to avoid him setting you up. With this, you will get away with it.


        7. Fake a Hook up for An all-girls night out

This is another method that can keep your husband off your cheating business.

Men respect their wife’s girlfriends especially if they helped him gain access over her.

He will remain dumb when he calls one of them and confirms.

Girl, you will have the best time ever. However, make prior arrangement and inform your girls in advance to make everything easy and running.




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