By Mugambi Aruyaru

Tyranny of numbers weighs in Meru’s political bigwigs Kiraitu and Munya as party campaigns heat’s up.

For some months now, some Meru MPs have been ‘declaring’ that they would or will fully support the incumbent Meru Senator Kiraitu wa Murungi for the gubernatorial seat come 2017.

This, as expected, has brought a very heated debate on who between Governor Munya and Senator Kiraitu will emerge the governor of the mighty county.

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While Munya’s supporters think that ‘their’ man is the one to carry the day, the people who are for Kiraitu including a number of the region’s Mps think that the senior most politician should confidently win the seat and this time almost the way he won as a senator.

I will take my time to take you through some basic facts that neither Munya’s side nor Kiraitu’s should ignore, bearing in Mind, Governor Munya has already joined a new outfit, the PNU.

Expect Political Heat In Meru

First things first-Kiraitu’s supporters may be pushing the respected Meru politician to represent them as their governor, but Kiraitu has not publically declared his interest in competing with Munya for the top and prestigious county chief.

However, if for sure Kiraitu will vie for the seat in 2017 then Meru will definitely experience the hottest politics for the two are giants when it comes to politics.

Kiraitu will most likely ride on the fact that he is the most experienced politician in Meru so far, while Munya will capitalize on his youthfulness and therefore easy to sell to the electorate.

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Wait,Mutahi Ngunyi will tell you Numbers never Lie

Let’s do some maths here. Mutahi Ngunyi will tell you that numbers never lie.

During the 2013 general elections, Meru County had a total of 487,265 registered voters.

The county has 9 constituencies and South Imenti (Kiraitu’s home constituency) had the highest number of voters, with 80,659 people registered as voters.

Tigania West had the lowest-43,454 registered voters. Governor Munya comes from Tigania East constituency which had a total of 49,550 registered voters.

Sub-tribal Factor

If Kiraitu Murungi decides to compete with Munya, then there might be a political rivalry between the upper Meru (Igembe and Tigania) and the lower Meru (Imenti and Buuri).

Each region will most likely want to fasten their political muscles. If the seat is contested on sub-tribal lines, then Kiraitu Murungi will definitely be the Meru governor.

This is because Imenti and Buuri which are Kiraitu’s stronghold, have a total of 248,574 registered voters which translates to 50.97% of the total registered voters in the county.

Igembe and Tigania (known to be Munya’s base) has a total of 238,691 registered voters-48.9% of the total number.

Munya should Bank on the youth

However, Munya still stands better chances of retaining the coveted seat if the people of Meru decide not to vote on sub-tribal alignment.

Being such a youthful politician he is, Governor Munya, popularly known as Gatirau, should concentrate on the youths to get back ‘his’ seat.

Good news for Munya is that more than 51% of the registered voters in Meru are between the age of 18 and 40.

This is a good number that if taken care of, can translate to making the Chairman of the Council of Governors, a governor for the second term.

He should start a massive campaign on voter registration in the county so as to help increase his chances.


The two Bigwigs have chances

With the numbers analysed, nobody can plainly conclude that Kiraitu will beat Munya in the gubernatorial seat or vice versa.

The two bigwigs stand equal chances, with the only difference being how smart each will play their cards. One of them will be the governor…the ‘cinema’ on Meru politics continues…

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