Uhuru castigates whistle blowers as Kidero signals deportation of Corrupt officials out of Nairobi.

As Kenya celebrates its 52nd Jamhuri day, leaders have let off their slippery mouths uttering incessant words.

President Uhuru sang the same song in relation to corruption reiterating the cliché “kila mtu abebe msalaba wake” in a soft and passive manner.

He took a jab over those on a mission to bring down Kenya reminding them that, if Kenya slips down to an economic saboteur, no one who will stand to benefit.

This jab was lightly taken to be aimed at the opposition that has been ardently criticisng his Jubilee administration.

Consequently, the first to deliver a speech was the Nairobi county governor Evans Kidero. His speech was not short of threats to the weaklings. On corruption, he threatened to chase off all people caught in in corruption saga.

This comes at a time that Mumias collapse saga is on the check where, he Kidero has featured prominently.

He served as the Managing director for the giant sugar miller before exiting its helm to join politics.

The deputy presidents William Ruto, however, wade off from attacking jubilee critics a thing that has been common in his speeches whenever he addresses political gatherings.

This year’s Jamhuri day celebration was attended by the Liberian president Hellen Johnson who is in the country for a state visit.

The Liberian president expressed her gratitude to Kenyans where she claimed to have lived for five years. She added that she would visit the Kenyan woman in the market place to remind herself of the Kenya she treasures.

Kenyans on twitter also took on their hash-tag #JamhuDay on trend. As usual, mixed reactions were expressed with ratcheted photos circulating all over the social media sites. Some ridiculed leaders with pomp in graphics.



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