By Cleophas Muthama


Comrades are unhappy with the president, Uhuru Kenyatta, because he has declined to sign the HELB Bill 2015. Uhuru is now an enemy of comrades, he has gotten into students wrong books once more by default.

With this move, it is now clear Uhuru’s HELB Bill move renders University students peace at stake.

The bill tabled by Kiharu MP Hon Irungu Kang’ata forced HELB to give all government sponsored students loans, the bill also explains that those unable to pay the loan should inform the board and swear an affidavit expressing their inability to pay it; that way the loan will not earn interest the bill allowed minors to get the HELB loan.

Uhuru is Demotivating High school students

The President insisted it was expensive and discriminative to make it a must for HELB to cater for the regular students.

This is despite the fact that students from humble backgrounds require access to the loans in order to clear their fees and that HELB should respect individual applicants and vet their suitability to get a loan.

Uhuru Kenyatta should know that most regular students come from humble backgrounds and they require the financial assistance and hence been guaranteed the loan is a good move.

If all regular students get the loan, this will motivate the students in high school to work hard because they are assured of a financial support upon joining campus.
Move unfair to jobless graduates

The president also rejected beneficiaries relief by the bill which required them to only let the board know the reason for their inability to repay the loan so that the loan does not earn interest in case of such occurence.

He said the HELB act requires the beneficiaries to start paying back within one year of graduating.

Apparently after one year most graduates are still unemployed due to the high unemployment rate in Kenya currently and the loan accrues interest on tarmacking comrades and hence it is so unfair since they are jobless and are not earning.


He has Blocked the Toddlers from accessing education

By the president rejecting minors the chance to apply for the loans, he is hiding his head in the sand.

Most students join campus from the age of 17 years nowadays and they too should benefit from the loan using their parents identification documents.


University students will now be forced to match to statehouse over this matter and demonstrate the act of the president, denying poor man’s children the right to financial assistance in campus.


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