US War on ISIS Gets complicated as threats from Russia escalate.

The war on ISIS is getting more complicated day by day. It started as a US led coalition of the world against a common enemy.

However, with the entry of Russia in the equation, things are getting more complicated.

This is due to the fact that the countries that are leading the war against this group are pulling in different directions.

Russia is supporting President Assad whereas; the US is trying to oust the incumbent Syrian president.

Recently, Turkey which is one of the closest allies of the US led coalition and offered its military bases to the US for the use in this war, shot down a Russian jet fighter.

This almost made things blow off creating a large possibility of war. Russia is currently scaring the world of a possible use of nuclear weapons against the ISIS.

This would be one of the dumbest mistakes Putin will make. The US, is considering sending forces to fight ISIS on the ground.

This means they will use their forces on ground to ground fight against ISIS.

The Obama administration has been in all senses against the use of ground force bearing in mind, the Democrats are always against war.

More importantly, Obama got in power with a promise of not taking America to war ever.

The way things are going by; considerations of waging war against the group are likely.

Some republican lawmakers have petitioned the US president to consider sending US forces to Syria and fight the group.

However, many are against the plan. The US public knows well the cost of war; hence they can never be at ease with any leader who chooses to wage war against any nation.

Russia’s threat to use nuclear weaponry against the ISIS has left war experts in a complicated move wondering what to say next.

If Obama decides to send ground forces to Syria to fight ISIS, a possible clash with Russians is likely, more importantly.



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