By Liza Njagi

Viral Crap to avoid on Kenyan social media spectrums like plague.

Kenyans are streaming on social media spectrum daily. It’s the fastest way to get news or spread them. If not careful at times, things easily go viral on the Kenyan social spectrum as many people would love it said, be it on twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook.

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The Kenyans on twitter are always on KOT getting things done there, good or bad. The things they do there is what makes everyone wonder and get into an utter shock.

However, some of the social media hangouts aren’t bad. One can get cool activities in those social places, I mean some groups or even hangouts, but for some, it’s real nuts that go down there.

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Avoid this stuff on social platforms, they aren’t helping you in anyway.

1. Nudity images

When someone thinks of getting famous by only doing a click in Kenya, they only encryp messages of nude photos and in fact by you paying attention to it, they achieve their yucky dream.

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It’s common among gutter press and entertainment socialites. They hide their desperation here. Avoid reading these post on social media, you are just encouraging the authors of these stuffs.

2. Relationship squabbles

Avoid this kind of crap. When a Kenyan gets a heartbreak the first place you find them rushing into is the social media platform.

Many like channeling some of these complains on their Facebook timelines to win their fans consolation.

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It doesn’t add up to anything when someone does such kind of thing in a public spectrum.

It only creates unreliable mumble amongst your followers; this means it is not the only thing to do in such circumstances.

I mean what is the immediate relationship between you falling in love, getting engaged or heartbreaking your friend with other people.

3. Food and drinks shares

The first person to post food or a drink while on a cafeteria to his or her followers must have been high on something. It is one of the worst posts to have been made in the Kenyan social spectrum to date.

Yes, you are at the Java, taking coffee, maybe some milkshake somewhere in a joint in your hood.

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For real, no one who is interested on your junky share somewhere in Kawangware. The most irritating thing is that what people share especially that flashy graphical work isn’t factual at all.

Posing for a photo on a Mercedes Benz doesn’t add up to anything, try something inspirational and post it, its better.

4. Socialite’s Bursts

Socialites are hugely using this avenue to break into their pinky career. Anyway, who cares you have a big burst or a curly hair.

My friend, there are more things you can get yourself into other than the stupid idea of sharing a selfie while nude.

Some of the social media fans will of course get talking about you after all but some of us aren’t interested in your nudity.

5. Political selfish posts

This has been the most common way that Kenyans are getting duped into political activism without their knowledge.

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What does it concern me if you are disappointed by your local MCA or even the president? By sharing hate messages on my wall does it help me in any way?

Avoid these kind of post like plague. The most amusing thing is that those who are sharing crappy political messages on social media platforms are just taking advantage of the large following they enjoy advertently.

It is surprising to realize that when they bundle and amass a large following, they only dump the sane ideas they receive and bank the un-reasonable ones.

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Give us break guys and leave us to enjoy the freedom we are endowed with by Twitter, Facebook or even the WhatsApp. While on the social media spectrum, avoid commenting or sharing these things.

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