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War Mode: Kenya Millitary Defense Arsenal beefed Up as it acquires new artillery.

Kenya is among the top countries with the strongest military power. In Africa, it is ranked among the top ten countries with a capability of countering any military power in Africa.

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Due to the emerging security threats emanating from its neighbors such as Somalia and Sudan, the Kenya government is consistently working on a plan to ensure they can counter any military eventuality within the east African region.

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Lately, Kenya’s military budget has been increased over and over again. This money has been used to purchase heavy military arsenal that is currently in place to face any world power.

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With a defense budget of about $595,000,000, Kenya is on the verge of being the top force to reckon in the war force. These are the newly acquired artillery in the defense system.

1. Military Tanks

Kenya has added its tanks capacity to a tune of 76. This is an indication of how serious the Kenyan government has drawn a strong red line in comparison to its neighbors which has been viewed by military observers as a positive point in its defense system.

Kenya Millitary Defense Arsenal

2. Multiple Launch rocket system

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The Kenyan military has added more multi Rocket systems into their arsenal adding up to its current contingent.

Multi-Launch Rocket System
Multi-Launch Rocket System

3. Armored Fighting Vehicles

This was a major target for the Kenyan military bearing in mind some of the armored fighting vehicles were acquired a long time ago and have been used repeatedly in war fronts. This includes Somalia where the Kenyan war-front is fighting Al-shabaab.

kenyan armored vehicle

 4. Air Power

Kenya has increased the number of its air defense system by increasing it aircraft power to 127. This includes an additional fighter and interceptor planes, fixed wing attack aircraft and helicopters.

Kenya millitary Helicopters
Kenya millitary Helicopters

5. Coastal defense Craft

Kenya has beefed up its coastal defense craft to 7 which has ideally put its territorial water defense to a more secure level. This is a system that cannot be matched by any coastal block in both East and Central Africa region.

Kenyan Coastal defense system
Kenyan Coastal defense system

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