By Patrick Githinji


It tears my heart into pieces whenever I sit with a random campus chiq and have a conversation about life and dating.

It’s obvious, people stick to same script. Get this for free, Watch Out!this is how young girls date rich men, After all;men are dogs.


It always starts with men

Normally it starts with men, they will ask tricky questions to educe a conversation, with damy questions of ; you seem tired today…, blah!blah!

Normally the lady in subject will fall for this.

They all do. She often starts with a shy grin, a little hesitation, clears her throats and proceeds to narrate a Cinderella novel long story of last night’s escapades.

As expected, rather obviously, the story will not lack phrases like, He bought, he took me, his bank account, his car, he said he will.

All aggrrhhh!!! questions, and other phrases that are only relevant in adult contents.

The narrative has a obvious conclusion suggesting she loves him.


It later Gets to Romantic stories

Still on the same long romantic stories, some boring as hell, the lady in subject is in a fantasy world, evident from glowing eyes and a chubby chick rested gently on her palm.

I always do my best to conceal my disappointment. I should, otherwise the ladies would be exposed to the parental wrath in me.

God knows the face slaps they would receive.

Anyway, I compose myself and ask gently, careful not to invoke boredom.

Gal, it’s only been a week since you met him?

“weeee…” she points her finger threatengly yapping! Dah!He is different from the other guys.

She now with posit explains how gentleman the guy is especially the fact that he didn’t ask for sex after their first date.


She passionately explains who is a gentlemen

Now, my mind zones out as she goes on and on defining the ‘gentleman’. I watch the foams form at the corners of her pretty mouth as she blubbers on and on making weird, funny, disgusting facial expression.

She explains passionately as my mind completely lingers away.

she asks knocking over my shoulders gently, I know you would not do that!

“Eeer…huh?” I stammer in a bid to try and recall what she asked. I had completely wandered off.

Drowned in my own thoughts with pity for these girls.

“Would you?” she repeats the question and stares right directly into my eyes.

She must have asked something important. I crack my knuckles and contemplate on the question. Any wrong answer and my research is brought to an immature death.

I wouldn’t want that. I also don’t want her to repeat the question because that would mean I am not interested with her story.

I take a quick gamble in my mind and answer with a firm NO! I take a long sigh and hope it’s the answer she hoped to hear.

To my dismay, she widens her stare at me and hits at me with phrases of how she thought I was different from others and apparently, storms off.

My gamble had worked against me. I must have answered wrongly. Damn it! But I have no time to figure out what the question must have been.


For now, Dating and sex are non-issues

The lady in subject, let’s call her Mary, is among the 8 out of 10 ladies nowadays who will say yes to any guy provided he has money, regardless of the dating period.

The other 2 out of 10, hmm, let’s just say they belong to awuors church, where dating is unheard of.

My little research also drove me into concluding that sex is not as awed as it was in the olden days. Or as our honorable president would call it, it’s a ‘non-issue’.


Hard to get things

Mary will meet a guy in a party, or in a supermarket, or in a queue somewhere, the guy will wink and seductively dingle a set of glittering discovery 4 keys.

Mary will fall head over heels but won’t show. She will act hard to get. The guy will approach her and request for her number.

Mary will say No. the guy will turn to leave and Mary will definitely stop him and offer him her number and with a stern warning of never to disturb her with messages.

The guy will take the NO. The next week, after a series of whatsapp exchanges, he will invite Mary to try the discovery 4.

She will be thrilled and borrow a friends ‘htc desire eye’ for the clear selfies. #sponsortings #serenahotel. Are some of the hashtags she will litter our instagram pages with.


It now gets to a Kiss Demands

Time goes, and it’s almost mid-night, she wants to be taken back to the hostel. They are all horny acting drunk.

He must be, after being danced on and grinded by smooth thighs of Naïve Mary. As usual, the sponser will demand for a kiss later, on and on Mary will think and gladly paint his rough bearded face with her mtumba lipstick.

He will want to touch her breasts. Mary will think it only that,and will shyly unbutton her blouse.

He will want sex later when it gets closer to where he wanted. Consequently, she will reply by unbuttoning his zipper.


Finally The flirt is now over

Long story short, it’s been a month now. I am sited next to Mary in class and I am watching her keenly as she gets rid of all memories in her social media galleries. Yes! All men are d



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