Nature has a way of making likelihoods come to pass and make things happen.

One day, you will wake up and find yourself in un-imaginable situation that you won’t believe, it doesn’t matter what you consider most in your wish list, and as it goes, I found myself in this situation that changed my life.

The day I Met Kiriamiti

This is the day I met John Kiriamiti, the genius behind ‘My Life in Crime’ series novels in unclear circumstances.

I had never imagined the man who scribed the epic comical masterpiece of “My life in Crime” series of novels would have a smiley chat with me in a sure relaxed manner with no hurry to rush in somewhere.

I thought I would meet with him in a an international exhibition or a book fair mingling with other scribes or equally mentoring young and budding writers, in a busy conference rushing in to make a lecture, a busy government forum or in a state office rushing to collect some crucial documents.

In my common thinking, I thought he was so busy to have a meeting with a commoner and a scribe like me.

But as it goes, nature has a way of fulfilling your life dreams, when they show up, they come in pairs. And this curvy morning, a man was standing nondescript in front of me.

Together with his daughter, they were asking for someone who goes by the name DK.

I didn’t hesitate to give this medium sized man who seemed energetic than his age despite the fact that DK is an acronym which can frustrate you when figuring what it stands for.

I took the challenge and offered my help instantly taking a step forward to be the one serving him when my instinct convinced he was the one, yes, John Kiriamiti.

DK Search

After introducing myself and got acquitted to one another, he seemed relaxed and took his time before he let me off to go and bring anonymous DK. He jokingly started, “this is my first born”.

He said with clarity and with no doubt. Consequently, a crowd had started gathering around the office bearing in mind, this was John Kiriamiti whose witty novels have been read by almost all the generations with an all time comical record and maybe they wanted to see the crime in him.

The coining of his life with Milly whom I didn’t mind asking if they got married later was an excerpt and a master piece story.

I went up-stairs as I had offered myself to go and bring DK. luckily, the said DK was aware he had arrived and was to host him as a guest, after I reconnected them, without much a do, I booked for an interview with the moment he was through with DK. Kiriamiti agreed, to my interview where I .

A few minutes later, he was walking out to meet me. He sat down to give me a casual interview that I never thought would happen in my life.

After a few minutes of this inconsequential meeting, I was fully armed with the lesson I only wanted to hear from this man and next in this series, I will scribble the details of the interview to get to know more about the man, John Kiriamiti.


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