By Ndirangu Wambugu:The son of soil



In much color and pomp, the forefathers of this beautiful land ushered a new dawn during the declaration of independence, for which blood was spilt as the price by the selfless men and women, who overcame by the desire for self rule, forfeited the comfort of their homes, deserted their families and took to the caves and bushes driven by will and determination, supplemented with no more than crude weapons.

While plenty were maimed, the struggle ensued, their dreams lived and their hopes thrived. An indomitable aggressive spirit. Their iron will was so strong that no obstacles seemed to deter their clamor for uhuru.

This has brought us to the question of which way is the ultimate destiny for Kenya?

Over 50 years of post independence and like the children of Israel in the wilderness, the more we suppose to be forging ahead, the more we circumnavigate back to the very starting point.

While it’s ignorant to suggest nil progress has been made, it’s safe to propose that vices such as corruption and tribalism seem more prevalent today than ever before, where state officers mandated to be the stewards of our vast resources are the very same folks looting the coffers by the night.

In a country of 45 million citizens, at least a whopping 50% survive on less than a dollar a day.

That despite the concerted efforts to slay the dragon of ignorance, with the literacy levels standing at an impressive 87%, the quality of education attained is still a far cry.

Graduates stand a snowball in hell chance to apply what is taught in class to make their lives better as attested by the unemployment levels that are hovering at 40%.

That in our beautiful land, endowed with natural resources, a rich blend of mixed culture and 42 ethnic groups, nothing seems to know when it’s honorable to stop is certainly sad.

When our elected leaders assume offices they never want leave! When the famed magnificent African sun shines, it does so with vigor burning and scorching everything until drought and famine kicks in and when it rains, it does so with Hercules energy leaving us homeless from floods.

And while some of these crises are natural, equally are some man-made!!! For like slavery was conceived by they who felt superior over the rest of humanity in the past centuries, so is poverty, corruption and bad leadership.

Is it safe to suppose we’re jinxed? Are the gods not pleased? Who shall we send to the mountains and atone on our behalf?


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