If you think of the most controversial cabinet secretary in the Jubilee administration, then never think further, bet on Prof.Kaimenyi to top on your guess list. He has survived a million threats made towards him due to the character he portrays in the ministry.

Reasons have been given in relation to his incompetence. Many have lain complains in regard to his performance.

Top on the most notable complains have been labeled against this stern professor from the Mt. Kenya East region by the Kenya National Union of Teachers who has accused him repeatedly of a dictatorial manner in running the sensitive docket of ministry of education, one that is charged with the responsibility of running and coordinating the shaping of the Kenya brain child who are housed in Kenyan public schools.

The KNUT has accused the cabinet secretary of lack of consultation when making crucial decisions relating to the vital ministry. However, Education C.S  Jacob Kaimenyi has always been seen to rubbish the teacher’s union demands.

Secondly, the cabinet secretary has had a mirage of challenges in dealing with the brawls that have come up due to the go slows by the teachers in North Eastern regions. Kaimenyi has always been accused by the leaders in the region for his failure to solve out the issue.

Of recent, the dust seems not to have settled in the matter relating to the north eastern teachers problems. The Leader of majority in the Kenyan national assembly has weighed in the matter by daring Kaimenyi to postpone the National examinations for students in the region to early 2016, a remark that the cabinet secretary had hinted on due to the nature teaching program in the region.

It creates tession since Aden Duale has power to marshal the Jubilee brigade towards the cabinets ouster in case a motion is introduced in the time they are at loggerheads.

When Kaimenyi introduced changes in the announcing of the Kenyan national examination results by burning the ranking of schools, it brought him at loggerhead with the parents and the education fraternity.

The most notable issue is that Kenyan Education C.S Jacob Kaimenyi, in his tenure, has clashed with almost every stakeholder in the education docket, from both the parents and teachers association all the way to the civil societies who play major roles in the success of the ministry activities.

His cards of survival are on the presidents table which means in case he sleeps in his job a little while he might be shown the door.


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