Kenya has a diverse culture. The Magical Kenya campaigns have been running for dozens of months.

They have traversed the world with a message of goodwill to the Kenyan tourism marketing. Their marketing strategy approached a number of local and international agencies to market the Kenyan brand to the world.

That is the reason why they branded our tourism sector with awesome messages to the world showcasing their interest in trade fairs, exhibitions and cultural festivals all over the world.

Their message to some extent was driven home, however, they left out some nominal messages that I can categorically as a travel and lifestyle writer state that it was important pointing it out.

This is maybe the reason why the deadly messages of Al-shabaab insurgency to some extent managed to superficially cover up the immense positive impact that such a campaign can do. And now, this is why Kenya safari was voted best in the world.

Magical Safari’s

Kenya has the best safari experience in the world. A game safari at Maasai Mara will absolutely blow up your mind off; this is why it deserved a detailed feature in the Magical Kenya Campaigns slot.

Watching the sluggish giraffe, antelopes, zebras and the lion the king of the jungle traversing the mercurial savannah land is a thing one should experience atlist once in a lifetime.

A walk in the hell’s gate abode in Naivasha should also be a priority with a pass over at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy to see the human cousins preserved their for you to experience.

Cultural Sites

Kenya has many cultural sites that offer a tantalizing experience to both local and international visitors.

The Kenyan pastoral communities have the highest stake in the number of cultural sites that Kenya has.

The Maasai for example, have their cultural sites within their community that people all walks of life visiting, they include, Enaimina Enkiyoo located in Loita plains, this place has a lot of historical stories.

Medungi in Narok North a place where people in the Maasai community believe that if you cut the trees in that cultural site, they bleed. Samburu and other communities enjoy stake in this sector which brands our Kenyan heritage and equally important to know.

Cultural Festivals

Kenyan heritage boasts of a number of cultural festivals. This has become one of the main cash cows to the county governments although it is pulling up a number of attractions ranging from economic tourism that are impacting great to the county governments.

Lamu cultural festival boast the top spot on this sector. Lamu cultural festival has been running for a number of years way before the entry of the county governments.

On the second spot is the Turkana annual cultural festival which is now a hit around the world.

The 2015 edition saw the entry of big wings of the likes of the Ugandan first lady, political big machines both in government and the opposition side.

Historical Sites

Kenyan historical sites can be compared to none. Fort Jesus is one of them. It has been featured in the list at the UN world heritage sites.

This immense plus to Kenya since the world looks up to visit it atlist in a life time. Gedi ruins are another historical site that has been enjoying world cognition.

It is located in the Kenyan coast where tourism is a hotbed of roses to the economy of the area and Kenya.

Natural Beaches

Kenya enjoys natural beaches that have over a long time brought down the entire world to the East African Economic giant.

The magnificent Nyali beach and Diani beach are a world pride showcasing how great nature has been made.

They automatically make it to the top list of this article that shows what the Magical Kenya Campaign drive left out.

Natural Sites

This is another sector that brings Kenya into world lime light. Lake Bogoria hot springs and the flamingo attractions in Lake Nakuru are compared to none.

There are other natural sites that build our Kenyan heritage and deserve showcasing in the Magical Kenya Campaigns.

National PARKS AND Game Reserves

Kenya has hundreds of game parks and reserves without adding up the ever interesting conservancies.

This is also a wonderful feature that you need to know before you sign out.

Magical Kenya Campaigns needed a well documented feature on this a thing they immensely left out in their campaigns.

However, conference tourism and modern cities are other attractions that needed focus in the campaign.

Now you know.



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