By Mathioya Mathioya


Welcome to Kaharati Ka Akurino. Consequently, this is why men in Kaharati Ka Akurino in Naivasha marry only women from their own village.

I mean they marry ladies from their village and not anything less than that.

I learnt about this when I sometimes a go went for a dowry payment in this village located somewhere in the interior parts of Naivasha.

After doing a thorough negotiation with our in-laws on the bride price and became acquitted with one another, I decided to overstay with my friend’s in-laws when i realised they were hospitable.

In fact,going back home with those we came with was now a no-issue bearing In mind, here in Kaharati, there was plenty of local muratina brew which in Gitugo we buy expensively as I always report to you in my column, memoirs in Gitugo.

As a matter of fact, I had a bonus stiped courtesy of a eighth an acre coffee plantation, that we are yet to share with my elder brother Mathioya senior, now, I decided to spend this whole pay here before thinking of doing anything.

In fact my plan was to spend the bonus stiped drinking with women in Naivasha town. This money was something close to KSH.10, 000.

Consequently, during my stay, I learnt a lot here, but in the process of learning, I realized a very peculiar lifestyle in Kaharati.

In Kaharati Ka Akurino, marrying a woman far away from your hood is a taboo. Here there is only one shop, the shop stocks only what the people need.

This means you cannot ask for a diaper, airtime or sanitary pads. They take these to be foreign influenced stuffs that have no room in a Kaharati shops.

When the inhabitants of Kaharati who have a privilege to have travelled to the neighboring Naivasha municipality get to learn some shopping terminologies like, a diaper or other ways of using airtime and come back to the village, they are always advised to leave what they learnt in Naivasha and come back the way they left the village.

However, it is hard for an inhabitat from Kaharati Ka Akurino to learn anything.

They are so rigid in that they cannot even ask where to relieve themselves when it comes to a long or short call.

They will wait until they get back to the lonely bushes in Kaharati and exhaust their excretion there.

Women in Kaharati have also been restricted from accepting any proposal from a man believed to be from another village.

If you are a woman and you tried it, be sure you can never get back to Kaharati not even visiting your parents.

Despite the fact that I am not married, I kept my emotions intact since no woman opened her mouth to speak to me for fear of victimization which of course is a boring affair bearing in mind “men are men” and they always like to at list see beyond what they are authorized, for them to be ok.



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