By David Mwitari

Why your shock absorbers should be checked Regularly.

Your car is an asset that requires protection and care. When you are behind that wheel, your safety is paramount and with good servicing of every detail of that car you can go further than than you could not have imagined.

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I mean every part of your car is a very important segment of your life. Today, I would like to highlight on a very critical part of that car that you own, the shock absorbers.

Shock absorbers have a million reasons why they are in that car of yours. They protect your Tyre and also help in maintaining a regulated pressure that is normally exerted on your vehicle whenever you brake.

Apparently, we will look into the reasons why you should service them after every 12000 KMs.

1. Braking

When your shock absorbers are set in good condition, you can easily brake whenever in need. Instant braking is also allowed and faster when your shock absorbers are in good shape.

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You can even do it faster that you think when driving. This means you can control your moves even in the most critical points of your driving experience.

2. Road Holding

Many road carnages are caused by vehicle that normally loose control. With well regulated and fixed shock absorbers, you can control your vehicle on the road and never plunge into a myriad of problems by causing unwarranted accidents.

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3. Aqua Planning

While driving in flooded areas along the road, with excellent shock absorbers that have been well checked over, the pressure caused by flooding water cannot overcome your moves.

You can safely drive to your destination on any part of the road in this world. This is infact a reason enough to make you ensure your driving is safe.

4. Glare

This is a very common experience that can be so terrifying when a driver gets into it. I mean the ability to see every detail on the road is very important.

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Sometimes when you lose it, well maintained and serviced shock absorbers can save you from that nightmare.

When you apply every detail to avoid causing accidents when such an experience occurs, be sure with that well serviced shock absorber, you will save your life and many other expenses that could have come up with it.

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