Will Kenyan youth ever abate from political misuse?

By Sam Mburu K

When will Kenyans especially the youth break from the bondage of being used as vessels of political gimmicks?

About 8 years ago more than 1000 Kenyans lost their lives and 500,000 were displaced from their home.

Recently, on May 23rd  , three people lost their lives as a result of the ongoing demonstration led by the Kenyan opposition in an attempt to eject IEBC officials from their offices.

Agony struck at some families at the expense of political picketing.

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The law enforcers who used live bullets were said to have been ganged up by rowdy demonstrators who were hurling stones to them in both Siaya and Kisumu County.

The confrontation resulted into injuring of 28 police officers and causalities were reported.

It is not right for people to destroy property in the Counties that they have spent much in building. Their leaders, who spearhead the Roundy activities, do not care about the life of those taking part in the demonstrations.

If they do, these demonstrations should at first be peaceful or even not happen at all.

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Mainly, youths engage in these demonstrations mainly with the blanketed reasons of unemployment.

This of course makes them vulnerable to political bigotry, henceforth, leading to them being misused for the wrong reasons.

Scanty reports point out that, politicians entice naïve youths with insignificant amounts of cash. That range from as little as Ksh200-500.

With this kind of cash, the youth grow violent and chaotic. Up to when are our youth going to fall to the selfish hands of politicians? It is the high time for Kenyans to stand up and reject being used for wrong political reasons.

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An appeal to all Kenya youths is that they should look on before joining any demonstration. Most of their family members are busy enjoying their lives and highly looking up to them.




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