By Allan Boit

Wiper Party’s Kalonzo Meets Top Jubilee Politicians; His exit from CORD engages top gear.

Indeed, things are not good in CORD. There has been a lot of rumors going round indicating CORD is in the verge of collapse with the co-principles preaching a different gospel politically.

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Signs are out now indicating Wetangula is fishing for some comfort somewhere outside the CORD coalition. Details coming from the other side of the CORD fraternity are that Kalonzo is heading south.

It is being alleged that he has met with some top jubilee politicians with some speculating that he will quit CORD and lead the WIPER party to the UHURuto faction.

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Various politicians affiliated to Kalonzo have been reported to have been pitching for Jubilee warm up as the 2017 elections get closer preparing for his exit.

They claim their region is suffering due to the fact that they are in the opposition. Kalonzo their patron might also have subscribed to the idea and decided to join them.



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