‘Wuasa Wuasa’ singer-bird Kimintah A.K.A Mr. Call set to release new video Featuring Jamaican Don De Man.

Maafleva brain child, Kimintah AKA Mr call has launched his new hit song featuring Jamaican artist Don de Man.

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Kimintah is a fast rising Maasai artist who introduced Maafleva a genre of music wich prouds itself as the only genre with Masai touch in it.

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The artist, over the few years, he has been in the music industry, has managed to compose several hits which have already received a massive airplay in the east African region.

His major hit songs include, Nanyorai, Kalotu, Wuasa Wuasa. He is now already letting off more hits with his latest record vedio set to be released soon.

Kimintah is also a man with a million midas talent. He is also a radio presenter with Maasai lingua radio Mayian FM which is a mediamax owned brand.

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He has established a sense of touch with his listeners and fans not only on radio but through music. On our one on one interview with him in the studios, he reiterated on his well versed route of making a mirade of changes within the Masai land genre of music.

His collaboration with Don De man, a dancehall artist from Jamaica will definitely lift him to the international spectra, bearing in mind; the masai community is a popular tribe of the world due to its trendy culture.

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