Youthful senate candidate welcomes President Uhuru Kenyatta to Machakos.

Machakos senatorial aspirant Henry Kioko addressed the press this morning from his Nairobi office welcoming the president to Machakos.

Here is his full statement;

On behalf of citizens of Machakos and my candidacy, I welcome and celebrate the visit of our President of Kenya Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta. We believe that this visit can be beneficial and especially in the complex context our local politics divided due to selfish leadership.

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We appreciate that this visit is taking place based on mutual respect and recognition of the sovereignty of the citizens of Machakos.

Sir, we are in a battlefield – David Verses Goliath.

We are in a battle that unites us. We want leaders who listen to people, selfless and those that serve the people. We don’t want leaders who brand themselves community masters portraying a fact that without them there is no life.

Our people should have a voice to the political, socio and the economic system that is empowered with opportunities for our people and not leaders seeking opportunities for their personal gain. A nation is always stronger when working together for a better and a progressive community.

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Our submission as a people is that Senator Muthama is temperamentally unfit to continue as a senator of Machakos and Kenya at large. He has become a public address system and has neglected his role in senate.

We need a new beginning. When Muthama calls our women naked bodies, he is ultimately demeaning our leaders. Muthama has now spent close to 5 years in senate without a single bill to progress the life of the citizens.

He pretends to be imposing leaders in a democratic society. These are not the values we need for our children, values that are not do not embrace for a progressive future.Our women are bitter and the youths feel cheated.

Consequently, whether you are in CORD, Jubilee, Wiper, Maendeleo Chap Chap or you chose to be an Independent candidate.

We as Machakos residents believe that, we are stronger when we remain stronger.



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