By Liza Njagi

Yucky similarities of Men who open beer with their teeth.This click of men is made up of out of this world characters that can embarrass you in a well-attended party.

They are said to have no manners. They can spoil your good moments and ruin an entire party in broad daylight.

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These men open beer bottles with their teeth. They are common in entertainment joints all over Nairobi or any popular town in Kenya.

This groups of uncivilized drunkards has no idea how irritating they can be to others.However, they have similarities that identify with them.

To be on the safe side, you will know them by these characteristics. Avoid and run away from them forever.

1. They drive Subaru Imprezza car models

This group believes they own the whole world. They ride these cheap Japanese motis with guts and normally fit them with turbo.

When they pass over on the streets in Kayole, they blast them to appease women.

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They always park them in clubs and pubs that are so close to few highways that we have in Kenya to announce their presence.

The most disappointing thing about them is that even before their pride settles, on ordering that guinness, they will open it with their teeth since their patience is always in their noses.

All the pomp and colour goes with this bahaviour. You see a man in a Subaru imprezza, avoid him.

2. They Drink Guinness

This group of individuals will always settle for this kind of brand for reasons known to you all. Guinness is cheap compared to other alcoholic beverages.

It is an alternative to getting drunk quick if you cannot swallow your pride and take hard drinks like Kibao.

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With a Guinness on your bill, you can be sure you wun’t take more than three. Consequently, you will yap everywhere in the club that you have beer on your table.

You have seen a man drinking Guinness somewhere, know he will embarrass you by opening that beer you sacrificed to buy him by using their teeth to open it.

3. They yell at the Top of their voice while watching soccer

This click of men like soccer. They cannot miss a single game.

This is the reason why, missing a second of action on the pitch is something they cannot afford.

To save on time and ensure they are glued to that screen, they will open that Guinness on their table with their teeth in haste.

They will yell when goals hit the net and raise their hands up like hell. Atlist you are aware of this.

4. Like partying as a crowd (rende)

These men who open beer bottles with their teeth like partying in groups commonly known as ‘rende’ in the Kenyan ghetto slur.

The reason behind this being, they are cowards. When they invade a new hood, I mean when they move from Kayole to Kawangware, they will settle somewhere to party as a crowd.

This is because their arrogance is rarely tolerated by many. For security reason, they walk in groups in an attempt to scare away others.

5. They brag to be top women sponsors

The word ‘sponsor’ has been on trend in the Kenyan social arenas.

This group of men who do this stupid kind of behavior in entertainment joined brag a lot in the sense that they are the top women sponsors in town.

Even if we give them a benefit of doubt and announce them as top sponsors here in our platform, they do not have to tell it to everyone.

They claim to make young young girls happy and pirating them to their residents.

However, this behavior of opening beer with their teeth is one let down that proves that they don’t fit the bill.

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6. They are common in Ghetto fitness centers and Gyms

They are regular customers in cheap fitness centers. These are Gyms found in the ghetto and everyone fights to get that six-packed body to attract sugar mummies.

They always imagine it is the selling point for men. When you decide to buy them a beer, they will do this yucky behavior and spoil everything.

Anyway, maybe, the regular visit to the gym is to build up enough energy to open that beer in such an embarrassing manner. Avoid this kind of men.

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