About Us

About Us

  1. Who we are

Safarionline is an online information dissemination platform that operates 24 hours, 7 days a week engineered by a fully committed team of writers.

  1. What we do

It is based at Kijabe street Nairobi, Kenya. It has a highly motivated team of travel, Christian, sports, lifestyle, news correspondents and professional journalist who update latest features and multimedia technologies.

  1. How we work

Safarionline.co.ke has news features and background information in all the search engines. The site is updated tentatively throughout the week on a daily basis.

                            Our mission

To offer people with enriched information programs, products and services that offer latest insights, educate and entertain them.

                            Our vision

To be the most effective and efficiently creative online information center with up to date technologies in information delivery in Kenya and the world.

                            Our values

  • Impartiality, independence and honesty.
  • Our readers are the drivers of what we do.
  • We pride in quality and valuable sources.
  • Objectivity is the core value of our site.
  • We celebrate diversity.